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Olde & in the Way:  We're four musicians and four friends who pursue a lifelong passion for good music and live performance. We come from diverse backgrounds of professional music performance. Like you, we love the music from the past. It was such a prolific and huge time in popular music. You will love what we do with it.

The name: Of course Olde & in the Way is a somewhat derogatory phrase, if you want to take it that way.  We prefer to be a bit self deprecating in our overall view of our journey on this planet.  Actually we "lifted" the name from a now pretty much defunct bluegrass group that was composed of Jerry Garcia (deceased), David Gisman, Herb Pederson, and Vassar Clements (deceased).  We were amused by the phrase,and determined to use it for a band name when the time was right.


Jerry Dixon:  Jerry has been a player since he was 12.  As a young man, he toured with various groups while still in High School and College.  After college he continued to pursue music, but made his profession the motion picture and television industry, working as a cameraman, producer, and sound engineer.

Dave Barber: Dave is the spouse of Robin, our drummer. Dave has replaced Jim Glunt on bass, after Jim left to move to Arizona. Dave is an excellent bassist, as well as being a very good sound engineer.

Robin Barer: Hails originally from Knoxville, TN and is a graduate of Louisiana Tech, where she studied Library Science and Music.  Her proficiency on drums and percussion is excellent, tasteful, and interesting. She has played with numerous bands, worship bands, orchestras and ensembles over her career.

Linda Bork: Linda is a new addition to OITW. As the group has changed over time, so have some of our current musical needs. Linda is a proficient keyboardist and flutist. She has played in numerous bands and worship teams over her career. She is also an excellent vocalist.